Tuesday, December 4, 2012

S85x0 Phone locked / phone freeze issue guideline

As some of you might have experienced, there are situations when the phone gets into the "locked" state on power up. By "locked" I mean that it request some password you have probably never established by yourself.
I've already seen some posts on several sites from people asking about that password and personally called Samsung support to ask about it.
It seems that happens in several situations. One of tjen is a phone with a SIM lock enabled, but I've also noticed that it generally is a problem on phones that have Exchange synchronization enabled and are using phone password. You might have entered the password or SIM unlock code incorrectly several times, but it seems that might not necessarily be required. It JUST happens.

The password prompt is pretty brief and does not constitute for anything you might have entered by yourself. Samsung support says the default password is 00000000. Well, if your phone ends up in the locked state. It is probably not the password you will be looking for.

The solution is flashing your phone, but it results in data loss.
The other way is entering the password (called Freeze Password) generated by the tool in this thred. The password is unique to your particular phone and consists of 8 digits.
After entering them you may be asked for your current Phone Password. Although you might have established that while using your phone, you need to enter 00000000 then. That being done, you can choose new Phone Password that has to be different from previous one. Your data should stay intact.

It happened to me twice already while using Wave and I managed to address the problem having the FLOCK installed. You may try it for yourself.

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