Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update Xperia X8 with official firmwares or custom firmwares

In this post you find how to install the latest firmware to Xperia X8 and how to install custom ROMS.

Important note:
The Xperia X8 have 2 models, the E15a and the E15i, is very important to identify your version, because if you install a firmware for another version, the 3G connection don't work. It solves flashing the correct firmware.

The main difference in both models is:
  • E15a have UMTS/HSPA 850/1900/2100
  • E15i have UMTS/HSPA 900/2100

How to update your X8 to android 2.1 with an official firmware and provided tools

For Android 1.6 exist 1 version, for andoid 2.1 exist 2 versions, the latest firmware is 2.1.1.C.0.0

You can update your Xperia X8 with 2 differentes steeps.
  1. You can update your phone using PC Companion Software
  2. You can update your phone using Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS)

To update your phone with PC Companion follow this instructions:
  1. Connect the phone to a PC
  2. Open the PC Companion Software
  3. The PC Companion Software show that new update is available to download and install, follow the instructions in PC Companion and you will update your phone

If PC Companion don't show the update, you must need to change the SI code of your phone, to change it follow this procedure:
  1. You need to know your version of Xperia X8, if is a E15a or else E15i
  2. You need to identify the correct SI for your specific version, you can use 1243-9502 for E15a or 1242-7327 for E15i
  3. Open this thread and follow the instructions, use the provided codes, the linked post have another codes for E15i model. In the post #12 of this thread are a lot of codes for both versions.
  4. When change the SI, follow the previus instructions

To update with SEUS, Open the program and follow the instructions, if not update is available, you must change the SI code following the previus instructions, when done, open SEUS again and follow the instructions.

If you can't update with this steps, you can flash the firmware, please see next entry.

How to flash a official firmware to your X8 with a flash tool
You can flash your phone with a flash tool, and no need to use PC Companion or SEUS in this process.

To flash the phone, you need
  1. Flash tool: use lates version
  2. The firmware (be sure to use the correct firmware)

Firmwares to Xperia X8

To flash the phone use this procedure:
  1. Extract the flash tool in your computer for example in C:\FLASH-TOOL
  2. Extract the firmware in to folder firmware inside flash tool folder, for example in C:\FLASH-TOOL\FIRMWARE\<FIRMWARE_FOLDER_NAME>
  3. Follow this guide to flash the firmware, first follow the 4 post instructions (Install .ftf files), then follow 3 post instructions (Install .sin files, really convert to .ftf)

How to flash a custom firmware to your X8 with a flash tool
To flash a custom firmware, you need your phone with the latest version of Android 2.1.1, follow the previus steeps to update your phone. When done, follow this steeps.

The great custom firmware for X8 at this moment is Cyanogen Mod for mini, exist a version with Froyo (2.2), GingerBread (2.3) and HoneyComb (3.0)

With any of this firmwares, you need to update with xRecovery installing from SD Card

To update, you need:
Cyanogen mod firmwares:
To install the custom firmware follow this procedure:
  1. Have the battery minimun in 50%
  2. Copy in the root of SD card
  3. Boot the phone and enter in xRecovery mode
  4. I recomend to perform a backup of you current firmware. To do it, in xRecovery mode go to Backup and restore and select Backup
  5. In xRecovery select Install from SD card to install the new firmware
  6. In xRecovery select Factory reset (full wipe)
  7. In xRecovery select Reboot and wait for 1 to 5 minutes while new firmware boot the phone

Enjoy it!

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