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How to Root Sony Xperia Live Walkman WT19i

The Sony Xperia Live Walkman WT19i can be easily rooted, but only if you know exactly how to do it and what tools to use. For making your job easier and for helping you, I will try to explain the best way for completing the up-mentioned operation, all being presented during the following step by step guide. You will have to pay attention and to read all the lines from this tutorial, or else you can brick your device. Don’t try to root the Xperia Live Walkman by yourselves, always apply a how to guide, of course the one that contains all the info needed.
Usually, most of the users are deciding to root their smartphones when they are not satisfied by its performances, or when they want to take full advantages of its capabilities. As we all know, the WT19i it’s not a high end device, its specs being decent but not spectacular. So, for being able to power them up, you must consider in rooting the phone’s system. After learning how to root the Xperia Live Walkman WT19i, you will be able to perform more complex operations, such as OS updates (with beta, or unofficial software), flashing custom ROMs or installing a custom recovery image into the system; not to mention that more and more apps are requiring root access.
As you can see, you have all the reasons for making this happen. But, before heading to the rooting process, you should first know some things. The most important aspect is referring to the warranty: completing a root operation is making you lose the same. That’s why you should follow a step by step guide (just for avoiding the unpleasant situations), instead of doing things on your own. You can restore the warranty by downgrading to the official version of the Android platform (the bootloader will be re-locked).
Then, another negative aspect is related to the data stored on your Xperia Live Walkman WT19i. In order to root the same you will have to make a full wipe of the system. So, all of your data will be erased. I am talking about messages, contacts, images, videos, apps and so on. In case you have something important saved on your phone, go and back it up first. The backup process can be completed quickly, so you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, for making it even more fast, you can use our backup tips listed below:
  • Backup text messages by downloading the proper apps (restore methods included).
  • Save call logs by installing free distributed backup and restore apps.
  • Sync with your Gmail account for saving and restoring the contacts from your smartphone.
  • A computer or a SD card should be enough for backing up the video or image files.
Don’t forget that you need to have access to a Windows powered computer where you will save and run the proper tools. Then, for connecting the Walkman WT19i with the PC you will have to use its USB cable. So, you have to prepare these devices as showed below:
  • Charge the handset, or else it might turn off in the middle of the procedure and you don’t want that to happen as you can brick it.
  • The USB debugging option from your smartphone should be enabled (for being able to connect it with the computer). If you don’t know where to find this option just go to: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • In order to prevent bad things from happening, deactivate the antivirus or any other security programs from the phone and from the computer.
You can now safely go and start rooting your Sony Xperia Live Walkman WT19i. The steps are right here, read and do all as explained.

How to Root Sony Xperia Live Walkman WT19i

  1. For the first step, you must download a few apps and save them to your PC. Don’t worry as the tools are free distributed.
  2. Download Flash tool (download link here), Firmware WT19i_4.0.2.A.0.58 (use thislink), Doom lord rooting kit (from here) and CWM Recovery image (download linkhere).
  3. First of all unzip the Flash tool file and install the same on your computer.
  4. Then, unzip the firmware; you will get the .ftf file. Go and place it to the “C:/Drive > flashtool > firmwares>”.
  5. Make sure that there are no other files stored in the up mentioned directory. If different delete the firmware and then place the .ftf file.
  6. Connect the smartphone with the computer.
  7. Open flash tool, go to “file” and select “flash mode”.
  8. Click “ok”.
  9. From the list that opens select “Wipe User Data” and “Wipe Cache” and click “ok”.
  10. In the end the handset will reboot.
  11. Turn it off and reboot by pressing volume down, home and power button.
  12. Flash the firmware with flashing tool.
  13. Go to your PC and unzip the Doomlord root kit.
  14. Run the “runme.bat” executable (your device must be connected with the computer).
  15. You can update your phone from “Settings -> About Phone”; don’t do the same by using the PC Companion.
  16. When the update operation is finished, go to the PC and unzip CWM.
  17. Install and then run the second file script: wt19i.install-cmw2.cmd.
  18. Make sure USB debugging mode enabled and displays screen timeout set to 10min.
That was all. Your Sony Xperia Live Walkman WT19i should now be rooted. The up-detailed method was developed and tested by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for the same. Do tell us how things worked for you; if you had issues we will try to help you out. Stay close for further Android related how to guides.

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